Dr. Laura Gainche M.S., Ph.D.

I am a gentle sleep, and wellness consultant specializing in helping parents and especially mothers balance their parenting with personal health, sleep, and happiness. It starts with embracing your family’s uniqueness, respecting yourself and your child to create a sense of harmony so you can thrive.

I am a scientist and a mother. Since giving birth, I started my new journey by using both sides of myself to blend my knowledge and intuition. It helped me build a tailored approach that can work for my family.

Turns out, I could adapt it to other families too! And that’s when the magic happened! I soon became a family consultant and loved every bit of it!

I can help you enjoy your “new” life as a parent without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or principles.

I have a Masters in Neuroscience/Genetics and Ph.D. in Sleep physiology. I thrive to constantly learn more and evolve to provide the best for myself and my clients. I believe that “There are as many sleep solutions as there are families”

A Gentle Sleep Consultant and Scientist 

@ Science For All Women

A mom of a daughter and 2 kitties

A wife in a multicultural family living in Japan

A woman who fights for women

I love bringing knowledge through science, compassion, and intuition


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