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Ready to make a parent-led change? 


Transitioning a child from one sleep association to another can be a tricky process. However, with a bit of guidance and a few tricks, you can help your child make the transition from one sleep association to another. The focus of the book is to lay out exactly how to transition your baby from one sleep association to another.


All the tools that are used in this book are gentle and attachment-focused without using "cry it out” or separation tactics.


This book is for babies that are 6 +months. 



32-page beautifully designed e-book


This e-book discusses:


-What are sleep Associations?

- Are You Ready to Make a change?

-Tears and Holding Space While Making Changes

-Baby TemperamentsR

-Reduce Nursing/Bottle to Sleep

-Reduce Rocking/ Bouncing to sleep



*This is a digital guide, sharing, reproducing, on-selling, or copying this product is strictly prohibited. This book is for personal use only and is designed to be used on a single-use basis only. If you love the book like we hope you will, please share the link to purchase, not the product.

All About Sleep Associations Ebook

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