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Ready to help your baby to sleep in their own space? 


I created this e-book for parents who are wanting to transition their babies into their own sleep space without sleep training and for the parents that would love some "me time."


This e-book offers parents a step-by-step process to transition their baby from sleeping in their bed/arms and into their own space without sleep training. 


All the tools that are used in this book are gentle and attachment-focused without using "cry it out” or separation tactics. This book is for babies that are 6 +months. Babies that are 6 + months can slowly start to transition into sleeping in their own sleep space. 


Independent Sleep Without Sleep Training e-book is built so that parents can go through this process at their own pace while doing what they feel comfortable with. This book is solely based on my experience and the tools that I use with all the families I work with.


49-page beautifully designed e-book


This e-book discusses:


-Why do babies have a hard time sleeping alone?

-When to start independent sleep?

-Baby's temperament

-The Process: bed-sharing to crib/floor bed

-Getting started: transition from bed-sharing to crib

-How To Transfer Baby From Arms To Sleep Space

-Supporting through the tears

-Bedsharing to sleeping alone

-Safe Sleep Environment & Safety (including safe bed-sharing/floor guidelines)


*This is a digital guide, sharing, reproducing, on-selling, or copying this product is strictly prohibited. This book is for personal use only and is designed to be used on a single-use basis only. If you love the book like we hope you will, please share the link to purchase, not the product.

Independent Sleep Without Sleep Training

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